Certified Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet - The Cutest Little Things
Certified Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet - The Cutest Little Things
Certified Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet - The Cutest Little Things
Certified Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet - The Cutest Little Things

Certified Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet

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Natural Baltic Amber for Teething Relief

For centuries, Europeans have been using Baltic Amber teething bracelets for the relief of teething pain in babies. This all-natural remedy can be just as effective as drugs and the harsh ointments that many parents have used over the years. It’s also better than teething toys because some babies have suffered mild scrapes from them, especially if they are frozen or cold due to their rough exteriors.

Natural Baltic Amber teething bracelets can reduce pain and boost baby’s mood. The Succinic Acid within the beads treats teething pain naturally without side effects.

Baltic Amber Bracelet for Adult - Simple Package - Lab-Tested Authentic - 2 Sizes - 10 Colors 

How Does It Work?

Amber is a fossilized tree resin. While amber can be found in many parts of the world, the most effective amber is found in the Baltic regions, such as in Lithuania.

Amber is a natural anti-inflammatory, immune booster, and pain reliever.

When amber is worn against the skin, the body’s temperature heats the amber, which then releases the treatment oil onto the skin. The oil then passes through the skin and into the bloodstream.


 Babies Love Amber Teething Bracelets

Many parents report their babies feel much better after only a few hours of wearing the teething bracelet even though it can take up to two days to feel the full effects of the amber. Other benefits of using amber for teething include decreased drooling, less fussiness, and babies who are much happier.

Baltic Amber teething bracelet have become the go-to bracelet for parents around the world.

Only the highest quality of amber will be effective in helping teething babies. The beads must have the right amount of Succinic Acid. The Cutest Little Things cares about the quality of its beads, which is why we choose to source their beads from Lithuania. This is a country with the most potent amber in the world.

Every bracelet comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. We stand by the quality of our bracelets and commitment to excellence, which is why we offer a one-year guarantee on all products.


(5.5in) Certified Baltic Amber Bracelet - MultiColor -  - The Art of Cure 

What Is an Amber Teething Bracelet?

An amber teething bracelet is placed around a baby’s wrist, or ankle. The amber beads on the

bracelet include an oil called Succinic Acid, which has been used for pain relief, inflammation, and immune system boosting for centuries by the Europeans. Body heats warms the amber on the necklace, which releases the oil for the skin to absorb, which then enters the bloodstream to treat teething symptoms.

Parents contact us regularly about their satisfaction. Many babies show improvements within hours, even though the full effects of the Succinic Acid are usually felt in two days.

Quality amber is crucial to the effectiveness of an amber teething necklace. The Cutest Little Things sources all beads from the world’s leader in amber production – Lithuania. All bracelets come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Our commitment to excellence and customer service has helped us become the #1 online source for Baltic Amber teething bracelets.

The Wonders of Succinic Acid

Succinic Acid is an oil found in amber, which is a fossilized tree resign. Amber is in all parts of the world, but the most potent is found in the Baltic regions, such as in Lithuania.

Succinic Acid has been used by Europeans for centuries as a folk medicine. It’s been used to treat all types of ailments such as the common cold, inflammation, fevers, and pain. It’s also known for its immune boosting properties to sustain health.

How to Use It

Due to the fact that succinic acid is found inside of amber, it’s best for the amber to be placed on the skin. Body heat warms the amber, which causes it to release the treatment oil for absorption into the skin and bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the treatment oil starts working on the pain and inflammation in the body.

All-Natural Relief for Teething

Succinic Acid provides an all-natural relief for teething babies. It can be just as effective as drugs or harsh ointments, but completely safe without side effects.

We provide the best Certified Baltic Amber bracelets for teething babies with beads sourced from the best producers of it in the world. We stand behind our products. Each bracelet comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and one-year guarantee for your satisfaction.

The Main Benefits of Amber Teething Bracelets

Amber teething bracelets have been used for centuries by European and parents of teething babies. The benefits have been documented in many publications because of its all-natural effectiveness in treating pain and inflammation.

The main health benefits of our teething bracelets include:

  • Boosted immune system
  • Reduction in fever
  • Decrease in pain
  • Improved mood
  • Less drooling
  • Better sleep

Amber is a fossilized tree resin that is made of Succinic Acid. This is the treatment oil that provide the all-natural relief to teething babies. Body heat warms the amber beads, which stimulates the release of the oil. The skin then absorbs the oil and it enters the bloodstream.

Amber teething bracelets have been chosen time and time again by parents searching for an alternative to traditional medicinal options for teething. Drugs and their side effects have always made parents uneasy. With amber necklaces, parents feel good about not having to help their babies with the risks of medication.

Identifying Real Amber

Amber teething bracelets are sold around the world. Many parents turn to the Internet when they want to buy one. While this is a great source for looking for an amber bracelets, it’s wise to research the source of the amber beads before buying.

Amber comes from fossilized tree resin. Amber contained Succinic Acid, which is the treatment oil that helps babies with their pain, inflammation, and other teething symptoms. If a piece of amber isn’t high quality, the amount of treatment oil available won’t be enough to soothe your baby. Therefore, it’s important to know what to look for when shopping for an amber teething bracelet.

Watch Out for Amber Imitations

You should look for imitations first when shopping for amber teething bracelets. Copal, glass, phenolic resin, celluloid, and casein can look like amber. They can have the dark, brown amber look. Before purchasing an amber teething bracelet, research where the seller sources their amber beads. Do research on that source, and see if they provide a Certificate of Authenticity. This is what can help you know whether you’ve found true amber.

Testing Amber

If you purchase amber from an online source, be sure the seller provides a money back guarantee. When you receive the product, test the amber by doing a salt water test. Create a mixture of water and salt (two cups warm water and a quarter cup of salt). Place the amber into the bowl. If it floats, you have real amber. If it doesn’t, return it immediately.

High Quality Amber That We Offer

We stand behind our Certified Baltic Amber teething bracelets for babies. We source all our amber beads from Lithuania, and provide a Certificate of Authenticity along with a one-year guarantee. When looking for high quality, effective amber to treat teething symptoms, choose the best online retailer – The Cutest Little Things.

Taking Care of Your Amber Teething Bracelet 

Amber teething bracelets are durable and can withstand a baby’s fast-paced life. When an amber teething bracelet becomes dirty, here’s what you should do to clean it.

You can simply wipe the amber beads with water and a mild soap. Hand soap works well, or any other soap that you often use to clean your baby’s items with will work.

Never use hot water to clean your amber teething bracelet since the treatment oil is activated when the beads become warm. A cool water temperature is best for washing the teething bracelet.

Storing the Amber Teething Bracelet

It’s best to store the amber teething bracelet in a dry, cool place. Wrap the necklace in a soft cloth and place in a drawer. This is the best way to store your amber teething bracelet for long periods of time.

How to Clean the Bracelet If It Gets Dirty

Cleaning your amber teething bracelet is easy. Simply remove it from your baby’s wrist, and place it under cool running water. Rub the beads gently to remove any debris from them. Never use hot water to clean the bracelet. Do not place it in a dishwasher or washing machine to wash it.

For stuck on food or to clean away germs, use a mild detergent. Many parents use soap that they wash other baby items.

Amber beaded bracelets are durable, but they still need care. Be gentle with the bracelet as it is being washed.

To dry the bracelet, simply wipe it with a soft cloth. You may want to set it to the side to dry completely before using it again.

We are committed to your satisfaction. Contact us with any questions you may have about your Baltic Amber bracelet.

Are Amber Teething Bracelets Safe for My Infant to Chew On?

It is our recommendation not to allow children to chew on the amber beads. While the Succinic Acid in the amber won’t harm children, it’s best that they do not chew on the beads, as small pieces may break off and hurt your child’s mouth.

Most children won’t realize they are wearing the bracelet, so it’s not a big problem keeping it out of their mouth. However, if a child is old enough to see and feel the lightweight bracelet, it’s perfectly fine to place it around the ankles. Many times, if the bracelet isn’t near the child’s mouth, their urge to suck or chew on it won’t be so strong.

While it is not an emergency if you catch your child chewing on the beads, try to discourage it from happening as much as possible.

When Should my Baby Wear an Amber Bracelet?

A baby should wear the amber bracelet as often as possible. The treatment oil should be absorbed by the skin as long as possible for maximum effectiveness. Always supervise your baby when wearing the amber bracelet.

Can My Baby Wear the Bracelet While Asleep?

Remove the bracelet at night while baby is asleep to prevent any issues. You baby should always be supervised when wearing the bracelet.

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