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5 Helpful Tips for a Smooth Fall and Winter

5 Helpful Tips for a Smooth Fall and Winter

It can be a little overwhelming juggling work and caring for your newborn… soon to be toddler (because they grow up so fast); so we took a small load off of you! We've researched what we consider five helpful tips to prepare you new moms for this Fall and Winter seasons. Ensuring that your little one is healthy and comfortable will bring you an enjoyable season for you to spend more time taking holiday pictures of them and embracing family time.

1. Number one on our helpful tips list is keeping the air around you and your baby clean, and moistened for better breathing, and a less likely chance of getting the flu. You can accomplish this by getting a humidifier. The Winter can cause severe dryness to the skin creating flaky, red patches so stay prepared with this "Breathe Easy Oil Diffuser" that will also have your home smelling amazingly refreshing.

2. Which brings us to our next tip... Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Keep your precious baby’s skin soft, by making sure you use a lotion formulated for babies. Lotions and oils will also help condition and protect your babies skin; we suggest Aveeno- Baby Calming Comfort lotion and for sensitive skin California Baby Super Sensitive Everyday lotion.

3. Making sure your baby has a comfortable place to rest during nap time is crucial. I know for a fact… If I don't position my pillow a certain way, or my mattress doesn’t curve to my body correctly, I wake up as cranky Annie. For infants and toddlers it must be the same, when they don’t get a peaceful nights sleep. This Fall and Winter take a little time to make sure your children sleep set up, is comfy by changing sheets and swaddle cloths frequently. Make sure they have a plush foundation similar to that offered by our “super cozy swaddle nest”  which is sure to get your infant one step closer to a restful and peaceful nap.

4. Of course, we can’t leave out the cutest little Fall and Winter outerwear. Although we suggest keeping your baby indoors as much as possible during the cold season, when heading outside to conquer the roaring winds; keeping your little one bundled up from head to toe is essential. We recommend layering items, that way you can remove a few pieces just in case your baby gets too hot.

5. And number five is....have fun!! Cherish these moments with hugs, kiss, and lots of pictures. Capturing these moments now are sure to bring joy to your heart in a few years when you look back at those adorable pics, and see how big your cutie pie has grown.

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